In 2012 I was an innocent bystander to a violent crime. The experience left me with a diagnosis of acute PTSD that caused me to lose most of my short term memory, left me dissociated from my feelings entirely, and with an inability to multi-task. Newly divorced with young twins and a business to take care of, I had to find a way to take care of my condition, too. In doing so, I began my healing path.

I uncovered years of trauma that I had capably propped myself up over, and dove into some deeper aspects of myself. The process was painful and slow, so discovering ways to support my journey felt like water in a desert. It was during this time I received Reiki healing treatments and was so improved in my mind, body, and spirit, that I was compelled to learn more. I became attuned to Reiki, practiced often, and have been a master healer for many years now. 

Further studies confirmed the science and chemistry of an energetic, divine intelligence that has created the world around us. Accessing and harnessing energy for our benefit feels like an intended gift from Mother Nature herself, available to all. I found energy work to be quite natural, as energy is something I could see already in nature through light and color. I found something so profoundly useful in vibrational medicine. From Reiki energy healing, to vibrational work with crystals and therapeutic essential oils, harmony and balance within is available. 

If you are curious about how a healing session can benefit you, please inquire here.  It is a magic that brings a gentle sense of wholeness to your mind, body, and spirit.