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As an artist, painter and lover of life, I strive to create works of art that reveal and pay homage to the beauty of the world around me. Even from the age of 12 I had a calling toward art, so I set my sights on studying fine art at UCLA. Pursuing art seemed like a radical act for a young person in a family where academia took the lead. But I was compelled to lead my life with passion and purpose and beauty. Read More.

As an artist we ask ourselves what it is we want to say. In order to do that, artists need access to their inner world and emotions, so I began creating multimedia heArtworks as an avenue for exploration, both for myself and my art students. Multi-media, expressive, storytelling hearts. Read More.

Interiors. I am moved to create a sense of sanctuary for my clients. I enjoy people’s stories and bringing those into full expression within a space. My work to create custom tailored environments is meaningful for me. I hold a degree in interior architecture and am drawn to history of design, color, pattern, texture, and balance. Read More.

In 1997 I began teaching classical decorative painting techniques, furniture finishes, and plaster finishes at local community colleges, in community learning centers, and privately. I loved it! By 2004 I had opened the only decorative art school in Northern California and created a curriculum of 25 classes featuring classical finishes such as glazing techniques, wall finishes, specialty plasters, furniture and cabinet finishes. Read More.


In 2012 I was an innocent bystander to a violent crime. The experience left me with a diagnosis of acute PTSD that caused me to lose most of my short term memory, left me dissociated from my feelings entirely, and with an inability to multi-task. Newly divorced with young twins and a business to take care of, I had to find a way to take care of my condition, too. Read More.

"Make your life a work of art"