As an artist, painter and lover of life, I strive to create works of art that reveal and pay homage to the beauty of the world around me.  Even from the age of 12 I had a calling toward art, so I set my sights on studying fine art at UCLA. Pursuing art seemed like a radical act for a young person in a family where academia took the lead.  But I was compelled to lead my life with passion and purpose and beauty.

I have worked as a decorative artist most of my career, and have been commissioned for countless specialty finishes, textures, and murals. This has been so gratifying in the design capacity to create artistic environments that nurture the soul. As a fine artist, painting what moves me fulfills my soul and is personally challenging. This includes landscapes, sky-scapes, portraits, abstracts, and florals.  I am often commissioned for my signature work, painting hearts. Thus the term heArtist was coined.

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