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I think the pace of our lives can get frenetic, with so much to manage. Finding time to disconnect from the responsibilities of life is a challenge, but as a creator of life, our own life, we must absolutely honor the essence of who we are, and make time to remind ourselves of just who that is.

I recently got away with a few friends for a weekend, something I haven’t done in years. The time I was able to spend in leisure, in fun, and in reflection was a great gift. (Just eating a meal in leisure is a luxury! If you have small kids, you know what I am talking about.) I found myself really seeing the things around me, because I was able to be so present, and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.

Taking a bit of time out can reawaken you to yourself, and refuel you for the next chapter you will begin. Now the trick is to remember how to weave these types of moments into our every day, so we practice that renewal on a regular basis, even if it’s just a mini refresher! I am inspired to see and appreciate more, every day, to enrich my life and the life of those around me.

Do one thing today for yourself, even just a small momentary thing. Is there something you’ve wanted to do, but keep putting aside for another day, or for a better time? Or is there something you used to love to do, that you’ve gotten too busy to fit into your schedule? Remember that life is a fleeting thing. And we have every opportunity to live it fully. So let’s.